What is this
Epic game and website for it
How to play
Download zip archive with game and pray that it works
Game not starting
Try to reinstall windows 10
Double click on every avatar or item icon to go to its page
Hover on item or on something else to see more info
Do not resize window
Some settings will be available after obtaining talents or achievements
You can view chat log
If you want to suggest or report something write it to the contact modal or directly to discord
You can view some kind of roadmap here
Actually you can contribute to website on github
You can abuse css styles to make themes
Unity repo is private temporarily I pirated too much assets
This is literally remake of stalcraft on Unity, items borrowed from official db
Quest line ripped from stalcraft prt
Website copied from letragon but made on LARAVEL without too much of js🤢
Game will contain some kind of fake AI to make visibility of mmo no one will find out
There is no api except this
You can switch theme from forest to dark pressing
Friend system exists but does give nothing yet
Profile link contains your login
Achievements give you trophies that will be displayed in game
Killing creatures will give you exp and killing players will take their exp to you
Like in hunt after reaching 100 lvl you get 1 prestige, every prestige gives you random attachment or skin
Each 5 prestige you get random weapon or equipment with scaling chances
Character skills affect relevant stats (10 lvl of health will give you +10% to health)
Talents can be not very useful
DB will be reset after every update
Check out game mechanics preview here